Buying a Home - Prepare to Buy

Begin the process only when you are ready to make a purchase.

I know that seems obvious but we have a tendency as the old saying goes, to "put the cart in front of the horse".

Often when people start looking for a home prior to being prepared to buy, is that they find a home that they like and are unable to purchase due to other considerations like being qualifying for a loan, being able to sell the home they are currently in, or having enough down-payment to put down.

Finding the right house can be easier and faster than you think, especially when you are working with a qualified real estate agent. They know the market and have fantastic tools to drill down into homes that meet your requirements and fit your price point, and they have great connections for homes not yet on the market, all making the process of buying a home efficient and affordable when using a professional. Finding a great home with their help is almost always easier and faster than it often takes to prepare to make an offer on a house that you find.

Some activities that you can do now are:

Take inventory of what your current housing situation does not provide for your that you would like to change. These items might be things like: Schools do not meet your needs, the size of your current living arrangements are too large or too small, perhaps you would like more of a yard or less of a yard, you are too far from conveniences, you would like to live further from crowded areas, you need a home with a single story or a full bathroom on the lower level and so forth. Write all the things that your current home and location do not provide that you would like to change.

To make the change, do you need to de-clutter?

If you have to sell your home to buy another, what updates and repairs do you need to make to your existing home?